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Microsoft Dynamics 365

With about two decade of experience in Microsoft ERP
deployment, we are fully equipped to take-up projects
of any scale on the remote implementation model.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Key Product Capabilities


Contextual AI-enabled smart selling
Sell smartly with personalized AI-based talking point recommendations and customer response analysis.

Boost sales productivity
With automation, you are free from the routine activities and allows you to focus on engagement and conversion.

Unified solution for better win rates
Deep integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Office 365 allows you to get the big picture.


Personalized marketing approach
Personalize buyer experiences and contextual emails based on the prospect behaviour to build a stronger relationship.

Make informed decisions
Stop guessing and make data driven decisions relying on D365 AI, lead scoring, and custom dashboards.

Align sales and marketing efforts
Effectively target and nurture leads by unifying data, aligning processes and bringing visibility into campaigns.


Get a 360-degree customer view
Rely on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to offer consistent service experience and add value to your customer.

Empower teams to improve productivity
Empower agents to make smart recommendations and resolve cases quickly to improve productivity.

Streamlined and unified data
Deliver seamless customer experiences based on a single source of customer data available in different formats.


Make faster AI supported decisions
Make smarter decisions using real-time, unified financial reporting, embedded analytics, and predictive insights.

Optimize expenditure across businesses
Features such as process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis allows optimize spending.

Streamline and automate financial processes
Automate processes to save time, reduce errors, and get more done with integrated tools and applications.


Real time production planning
We offer support and maintenance services including patches and upgrades for Microsoft ERP products from our offshore centre in India.

Effective inventory management
Modernize warehouse management and avoid overstocking or running out of stock with AI-driven recommendations.

Increase uptime and drive efficiency
Prevent downtime by proactively identifying issues and improve employee productivity with learning solutions.


Consistent online and offline experiences
Offer a unified shopping experience by allowing customers to purchase from your online and offline channels.

Exceed customer expectations
Foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools that helps you better understand customer preferences.

Run intelligent digital storefronts
Build fully-functional online store relying on built-in web authoring and easy-to-use development tools.


Self-service HR tools
Help employees find the info they need on their own, track performance and place leave requests, all from one portal.

Automate HR processes
Simplify and automate HR processes including benefits, leave & payroll calculation and other compliances.

Discover workforce insights
Uncover valuable insights relying on the power of Microsoft Power BI-enabled dashboards and embedded analytics.

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